Thunder Bolts: Golden State Warriors 111, Oklahoma City Thunder 107

Michael Winn

Sports Blogger




Westbrook has special night

(BipHoo Company, Flickr)

Russell Westbrook and the Thunder always play the Warriors closely, and the trend continued Tuesday in Oklahoma City. Westbrook poured in 44 points and added 16 rebounds. Coming into the final games, Westbrook needs to average double-digit rebounds to average a triple-double for the season. Look for him to be as good a candidate for MVP as James Harden.

Durant starts hot, then cools off

Kevin Durant and the Warriors were losing midway through the first quarter, when Durant decided to heat up. Durant kept the Warriors close with 14 points in the first quarter and then helped his team take a lead with another 10 points. Although Durant finished the first half with 24 points, he ended the game with 34 points. The Thunder had Durant’s number in the second half, as he went 2-for-14 shooting.

Thunder’s playoff chances dwindling

The Thunder are fighting for a playoff spot in a tightly contested Western Conference, and with this loss, they have dropped four of their last five games. Going into this game, the Thunder were in fifth place, but after it, they finished the night in sixth. There are no simple games this time of year, and the road doesn’t get easier for the Thunder as they face the Rockets in their next game.

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