Top-5 OSU wrestlers not named John Smith

Joseph Fazio

Sports Blogger




5. Alex Dieringer (wrestled from 2012-16)

Devin Lawrence Wilber/O’Colly

Dieringer likely cemented himself as one of the greatest wrestlers under coach John Smith during his career at Oklahoma State. In his four years at OSU, Dieringer lost only four bouts, and he was undefeated in his junior and senior seasons. A four-time All-American, he ended his career with a record of 133-4. He capped off his senior season with his second national championship and won the Dan Hodge Trophy, awarded to the top college wrestler.

4. David “Buddy” Arndt (1940-42, ’46)

Buddy Arndt became an early star for coach Art Griffin’s first year at Oklahoma A&M. Arndt won individual national championships in his sophomore and junior years. Wrestling might have been his calling, but Arndt decided to help his country in a time of need. Arndt became a pilot in the United States military during World War II. He flew on more than 100 missions in three years before he came back to A&M in 1946. Arndt ended his senior campaign with another national championship, cementing his historic career for the Aggies.

3. Jack VanBebber (1928-31)

A wagon accident when he was 6 years old left Jack VanBebber with a life of pain, but it didn’t keep VanBebber down on his way to Stillwater. VanBebber joined coach Ed Gallagher’s wrestling team in 1928 and became an Oklahoma legend. He won three NCAA wrestling championships under Gallagher’s coaching, and the Aggies won multiple national championships during VanBebber’s career. The year after VanBebber graduated, he earned gold in freestyle wrestling at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

2. Yojiro Uetake (1964-66)

Uetake has been deemed one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. A native of Tatebayashi, Japan, Uetake made his way to Stillwater to wrestle. In his three-year career at OSU, Uetake won three NCAA titles. He also is the only Cowboy to go undefeated his entire college career. Uetake was the best wrestler under coach Myron Roderick and became a three-time All-American.

1. Pat Smith (1990-94)

The greatest OSU wrestler other than John Smith is still named Smith.

Pat Smith is No. 1 on this list for great reasons. Smith was the first four-time NCAA champion in the nation. Today, only three other Division I wrestlers have won four titles. Smith ended his career with a miraculous 122-4-2 record. To top that off, Smith holds the school record for an unbeaten streak, winning 98 bouts in a row. Smith concluded his OSU career with a 1994 NCAA Tournament Outstanding Wrestler award. After his wrestling career, he joined his brother John at OSU, serving as an assistant coach for 12 years.

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