Thunder Bolts: Cleveland Cavaliers 120, Oklahoma City Thunder 112

Darnell Pointer

Sports Blogger



Thunder comes up short

(BipHoo Company, Flickr)

In Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony’s first game back after suffering ankle injuries, the Thunder gave its all but came up short against the new-look Cavs. The Thunder lost the first three quarters by one to two points but struggled in the fourth quarter, shooting 42 percent. Oklahoma City allowed LeBron James to score 37 points.

Thunder’s big 4 show up

Paul George, Steven Adams, Westbrook and Anthony were ready for this clash with the Cavs. All four of them scored more than 20 points. George led the Thunder with 25 points, and Anthony followed with 24 points and seven rebounds. Adams came out strong, scoring 16 points going into halftime. He finished the game with 22 points and 17 rebounds. Westbrook started the game slow but finished with 21 points, 12 assists and seven rebounds.

Where’s the bench?

Raymond Felton and Jerami Grant were the only bench players to score for the Thunder. Grant and Felton combined for 20 points as Grant scored 14. The Cavaliers’ bench tallied 51 points, and four of five Cavs bench players who had time in the game scored double digits.




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