Big 12 Bounce: Graham, Kansas control game against TCU

Liam Oram

Sports Blogger



TCU at Kansas

Graham drops 24

TCU couldn’t stop Devonte’ Graham in Kansas’s 71-64 victory against the Horned Frogs on Tuesday night in Lawrence, Kansas.

Devin Lawrence Wilber/O’Colly

Graham had an impressive night on the offensive end. He shot 5-of-9 from the 3-point line and gave the Jayhawks a lead for most of the game. He also had a great game sharing the ball with his teammates, as he had five assists.

Kansas earns much-needed victory

Kansas needed to defeat TCU after the Jayhawks lost their third Big 12 game to Oklahoma State on Saturday. The victory against the Horned Frogs was crucial to make sure Kansas could take the No. 1 spot in the Big 12 from the Red Raiders. With this victory, the Jayhawks are in place to try win the Big 12 in the regular season.

Horned Frogs continue to struggle without Fisher

After the Horned Frogs lost Jaylen Fisher in their lineup early this season, they have struggled to get victories. They have gone 3-7 since Fisher went out with a knee injury and have taken losses in games they needed to win. A victory against Kansas tonight could have helped them get back on the right track, but the Horned Frogs failed to overpower the Jayhawks.




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