NFL MVP Watch: Wilson continuing to soar

By Seth McCaskill

Sports Blogger



Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots: Last week’s stats: 21-of-30, 258 yards, one interception, 82.4 rating

In a year without a healthy Aaron Rodgers, it seems as if Tom Brady is in the lead for the MVP by default, and that is in no way a knock on his numbers for the year. There has been more talk of his sideline rant at offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, however, and plenty of debate as to whether another player would have been ostracized for the same thing that Brady is given a pass for. This dispute does not change the fact that Brady has been masterful on the field once again, and is in the running for another MVP to add to his trophy case.

Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks: Last week’s stats: 20-of-31, 227 yards, three touchdowns, 118.6 rating, six carries for 31 yards

(vivi1867, Flickr)

I mentioned a few weeks ago how incredibly valuable Russell Wilson is to his team and he improved his resume with a surprising win against Carson Wentz and the Eagles to snap their nine-game winning streak. For the first time in weeks, he was not forced to be the team’s No. 1 rushing option, which gave him more of a chance to throw from the pocket and air it out. The results were great, as he out-dueled the man thought to be Brady’s greatest threat and overtook him easily.

Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles: Last week’s stats: 29-of-45, 348 yards, one touchdown, one interception, 86.2 rating, six carries for 30 yards

Although the Eagles scored only 10 points in their loss to Seattle, Carson Wentz had a good day himself, as it takes some serious ability to throw for almost 350 yards on that defense. However, the most important thing is to win, and he was not able to do that Sunday, not to mention he trails Wilson in several important categories such as completion percentage and yardage. He is by no means out of it, but his chances certainly took a hit as Wilson’s rose.

Todd Gurley, RB, Los Angeles Rams: Last week’s stats: 19 carries, 74 yards, 7 targets, 6 catches, 84 yards

It may shock you to see a running back on this last, especially considering the job Todd Gurley’s quarterback, Jared Goff, has been doing in his second season, but it can easily be argued that Gurley takes the cake. Although he slightly trails Le’Veon Bell in rushing yards, he has been much more efficient with his carries and leads the NFL in total yards from scrimmage, thanks to his more than 600 receiving yards. Being able to catch passes out of the backfield adds tons of value to a running back’s ability, and that has made Gurley lots of fun to watch this year. There would likely need to be a shakeup at the top of the race for him to have a real chance to win this award, but there’s no reason to count out the best running back in the NFL this season.

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