Point/Counterpoint: Does Goodell deserve a contract extension?


Point: Goodell does not deserve lofty contract extension

By Seth McCaskill

Sports Blogger


(BipHoo Company, Flickr)

The NFL could have a civil war on their hands in the near future, as Roger Goodell and many owners are teaming up against Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones in a major contract dispute. Here’s why you should hope this contract doesn’t go through. First of all, there have been multiple reports from insiders including Adam Schefter that Goodell is demanding a $50 million yearly wage and a private jet for life. Secondly, he has not handled the numerous scandals the NFL has faced well, including Ray Rice, Deflategate and Ezekiel Elliott. In the Rice’s case, there was video proof of Rice’s domestic violence, and all Goodell could come up with was a weak two-game suspension. Former Giants’ kicker Josh Brown was suspended only one game after admitting to verbally and physically abusing his wife, and it took almost a year for Goodell to realize there needed to be more punishment. Tom Brady was suspended for Deflategate without any real proof. Although no one can prove or disprove Ezekiel Elliott’s innocence, the NFL’s lead investigator could not find enough evidence for a suspension, yet Goodell handed him a six-game suspension anyways. He has not shown any capability to make the correct decisions under pressure, and that should be a fatal flaw for anyone with as much power as he has. Last but not least, the league has been and is continuing to lose viewers and that should be a sign that it is time for a change. He has the support of most of the owners at the moment, but his contract does not expire until 2018 so there could still be a change in consensus among owners.

Counterpoint: Who but Roger?

By Adam Luther

Sports Blogger


During Roger Goodell’s 11-year tenure as the NFL commissioner, the league has grown into a more than $13 billion industry.  This makes it the richest sports league in the world by a nearly $4 billion margin. Goodell also helped secure 3 $billion per year in television contracts. In recent years, however, Goodell has faced scrutiny for his handling of various scandals and issues that the league has been embroiled in. Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones has led the charge against him this fall. Unfortunately for Goodell’s detractors, it does not appear that Jones has garnered enough support among his team-owning peers to oust him.  He may not be perfect, but Goodell is the man for the job for the time being.  The league hasn’t indicated that there is anyone in line to replace him. Replacing him is not going to make the league’s problems disappear either. The problems it faces are complex and numerous, and throwing a new commissioner into these trying times would be disastrous for the future of the league. At the end of the day, the important thing to the NFL owners, and more importantly the Compensation Committee, is money, and the league is still turning a healthy profit.  For this reason, and this reason alone, Goodell will not be replaced in the near future.


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