NFL MVP Watch: Goff Entering the Conversation

By Seth McCaskill

Sports Blogger


Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles- Last week’s stats: Bye week

Although Carson Wentz is probably the unofficial leader at this point, his Eagles were on a bye this past week. He still leads the league in touchdown passes, and he will look to put another feather in his cap next week when he takes on quarterback Dak Prescott and the rival Cowboys in a potential division-clinching game.

Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots- Last week’s stats: 25-of-34, 266 yards, three touchdowns, 125.4 rating

Tom Brady continues to be himself, as is expected, and he went off in the Patriots’ thrashing of the Broncos on Sunday. It seems almost second nature to be talking about his MVP case at this point, but he might not be the most deserving this year. Still, he will never leave the conversation as long as he plays, and rightfully so.

Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks- Last week’s stats: 22-of-32, 238 yards, two touchdowns, 111.2 rating

Russell Wilson may not be the best player in the NFL, but it is hard to argue with him as the most valuable. If the award stays true to its definition, the winner should be a no-brainer. Wilson is the entire Seahawks’ offense and is even their leading rusher. He accounts for a whopping 82.1 percent of their yardage and 95.2 percent of their touchdowns. His rating has been better before and he may not be the perfect quarterback, but no player has meant more to his offense than Wilson so far.

Jared Goff, QB, Los Angeles Rams- 25-of-37, 355 yards, three touchdowns, 125.4 rating

(c royce, Flickr)

Jared Goff passed for at least 300 yards and three touchdowns and no picks for the second straight game, and he continues to play well in his resurgent sophomore season. The Rams possibly have the best offense in football, and Goff is the focal point of it, along with running back Todd Gurley. You could use the talented surroundings argument against him, but it would not hold any merit, as Goff’s ability to run the offense has really allowed it to take off and not be one-dimensional.

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