College GameDay brings excitement to campus

By Michael Winn

Sports Blogger



The Sunday after Week 9 of the college football season, every Oklahoma State student woke up with the news that College GameDay was coming to Stillwater for Bedlam. GameDay has not been kind to OSU football in the past, as it was 1-4 when the show is in Stillwater. And this week would not be any help to an OSU team looking to fight its way into the college football playoff.

This past Wednesday was when the madness started. Those who were on campus late enough got to see some of GameDay’s set up. Immediately, I saw a couple Snapchat stories and Twitter posts about GameDay being here. By Thursday, I couldn’t go on Snapchat or Twitter without seeing pictures with filters from GameDay. This was such a big moment for everyone as the buzz was starting to build for Saturday.

Saturday morning was finally upon us. OSU students flocked to Library Lawn, with their signs, at 2 a.m. to get in line for this show that started at 8. When I got to the event at 7:30, the section behind the set was filled with fanatic OSU fans waving their signs wanting to be seen. Signs included phrases such as, “Baker pours the milk B4 the cereal,” and, “Mom I dropped out last month.” The students and the signs are what truly make the College GameDay experience.

(Devin Lawrence Wilbur/O’Colly)

Lee Corso is one of the hosts of GameDay, and every week, he does a headgear selection, which is his pick of who is going to win the big game that week. Corso came into this week having picked his last five picks correctly. With this week’s selection being Bedlam in Stillwater, it was a 50/50 shot on who would win. Corso chose the Cowboys to upset the Sooners. And we all know how that went.

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