MLB Playoff Recap: Springer helps Astros win first World Series

By Seth McCaskill

Sports Blogger



Astros win first World Series

(Arturo Pardavilla III, Flickr)

It’s official. One of the most successful rebuilds in recent memory has been completed, as the Astros won the World Series for the first time. Not only has the city of Houston endured sports struggles in recent years, Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the city and left many out of their homes. You can’t help but be happy for that city and the players who call it home, no matter your baseball allegiance.

Most homers ever in a World Series

These two teams set the all-time record for home runs in a series through five games, including their seven-homer outburst in Game 5. It signals a new power era in baseball, whether it is because of juiced baseballs. Having the two best and most powerful offenses in baseball squaring off in the Fall Classic is about as good as you can get from an entertainment perspective, and they did not disappoint. The way baseball has been going recently, we could see more home run records next year, so watch out for it.

Three straight incredible World Series

It seems as if we have seen some of the greatest postseason series ever in the past few years, especially the last World Series. All three ended long droughts: 30 years for the Royals, 108 for the Cubs and 55 for the Astros. It is always fun as a baseball fan to see these kind of droughts be broken, and we have seen some incredible battles along the way. There are still quite a few teams enduring lengthy droughts, most notably the Cleveland Indians at 69, but they won 100 games this year. If baseball follows this pattern, they’ll be the next world champs.

Lots of coaching staff changes

You would think it would put a coach and his staff in good standing to lead their team to the playoffs, but that has not been the case. Longtime Yankees manager Joe Girardi was let go, the Nationals’ Dusty Baker was fired, the Red Sox’ John Farrell was fired and the Cubs cleared out the entire coaching staff except for Joe Maddon. It is hard to explain any logical reason for these firings, and it almost seems as if managers and coaches have to make the World Series to keep their jobs, not to mention all of the managers who missed the playoffs and stayed in place.

Lots of young teams that could be starting dynasties

There are several teams that have young rosters and have nowhere to go but up. The Dodgers have few players going into free agency and have several prospects such as Alex Verdugo knocking down the door to the big leagues. The Astros are in a similar situation, and the Yankees and Cubs also have solid young cores. Equipped with this information, the playoffs could look similar for the next few years, and it will be harder than ever for teams who are struggling to fight their way into the 2018 playoffs. Although there has been talk of baseball heading in the wrong direction in recent years, the sport should be in good hands for the future.

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