NFL MVP Watch: Brady claims top spot, Wilson climbs

By Barrett Gess

Sports Blogger


Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots – Last week’s stats: 32-of-47, 333 yards, one touchdown

(Keith Allison, Flickr)

Only one touchdown from the New England Patriots is always surprising, but they got the win and Tom Brady shined again. He continues to lead the team to victory despite a close game with the recently hot Chargers. He has still thrown only two interceptions on the year. The Patriots have not been the most impressive team despite their 6-2 record, but Brady has been consistently good all year. Another solid performance is enough to put him at the top for now.

Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles – Last week’s stats: 18-of-32, 211 yards, two touchdowns

The Eagles had control against San Francisco the entire game, though Carson Wentz was not great in what was supposed to be a great matchup. By no means was he bad, but he was not the Wentz we are used to seeing so far this year. He made some impressive throws and continues to push for the title of best player in the league. He deserves to be near the top based on how he has the Eagles playing with his ability to escape and throwing skills.

Alex Smith, QB, Kansas City Chiefs – Last week’s stats 14-of-31, 202 yards, one touchdown, 33 rushing yards

Imagine Alex Smith playing against a college football team. That is what it looked like Monday night for him…for one drive. Smith finally looked human. The Denver defense has proved to be one of the best in the NFL and it showed against Kansas City. He finally had his first turnover of the year, though he cannot really be blamed as it was a strip sack; so he still has no interceptions

Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks  – Last week’s stats 26-of-41, 452 yards, four touchdowns, 30 rushing yards

This is an interesting pick, as Russell Wilson had a slow start to the season, but boy as he picked it up. His game against the Texans was an incredible performance and watching him battle it out with Texans’ quarterback Deshaun Watson was something special. The main thing that is so impressive about Wilson this season is how he is carrying the team and keeping its playoff hopes alive. When your defense gives up 38 points and your team has only 36 rushing yards and you still win, you know your quarterback is having a game. Wilson accounted for 482 out of the team’s 488 total yards. He deserves all of the credit for what he is doing.

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