NFL MVP Watch: An Eagle soars into the picture

By Barrett Gess

Sports Blogger



With more than a third of the NFL season gone, the MVP race is becoming more clear. The pretenders are starting to fade away and the true contenders are showing why they deserve to be MVP.

Alex Smith, QB, Kansas City Chiefs

Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was brutal for the Chiefs’ offense. It was the first game in which Alex Smith’s quarterback rating was below 100, though he did throw for 246 yards and a touchdown. His completion percentage dropped below 75 percent for the season, which probably shows more about his performance thus far more than anything. Smith still deserves to hold the top spot because of his accuracy and seemingly inability to throw an interception, but another performance like Sunday’s could see him start to fall.

Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots

Similar to Smith, Tom Brady did not have the best of games against the New York Jets. He was not the star or the game saver like he has been so many times before. What keeps him here is the start to the season he has had. One mediocre game at best should not push him down too far.

Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

(Keith Allison, Flickr)

Carson Wentz has cut down on his interceptions from last year, and he has the Eagles leading the NFC. His performance this year has been consistent. He has proved to be a legit quarterback going up against the seventh rated passing defense against the Carolina Panthers, throwing for three touchdowns and no interceptions. If Wentz continues his hot start, he will continue to be considered for MVP.

Kareem Hunt, RB, Kansas City Chiefs

Speaking of the lackluster Chiefs’ offense, where was Kareem Hunt? He had a solid presence in the passing game with 89 yards but was nowhere to be found on the ground. With only 21 yards on nine carries, Hunt had easily his worst performance of the season. He is averaging nearly six yards per carry but needs to step it up after that game to keep his name in the MVP talk.


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