Catchin’ Cash: The sport of tournament fishing

By Tristen Turley

Sports Blogger



Fishing is a great sport anyone and everyone can enjoy. However, for those who want to take it to another level, there is the sport of tournament fishing. Tournament fishing is a great way to meet new people and, if you’re good enough, make some cash.

(Michael McCarthy, Flickr)

The typical set-up for an average tournament or local jackpot is each boat is considered a team that can have up to two people who fish together against each of the other teams.  Now, let’s talk about money. There is an initial entry fee that goes into a “pot,” ranging anywhere from $20 in a local jackpot to $5,000 to fish the Bassmaster Classic. The competition is to see who can catch the five biggest fish with the greatest combined total weight.

What separates tournament fishing from every other sport is, instead of a game such as football where you depend on your team to help you win, fishing is solely dependent on your knowledge and your ability. The most stressful thing about fishing a tournament is the lingering thought of not knowing how the other teams are doing. That can also be the best thing. The elements are uncontrollable and so are the fish, so you are relying on luck and skill to win, not a touchdown pass or a home run.

Tournament fishing is a sport that is often overlooked and doesn’t receive nearly the amount of coverage nor credit that the mainstream sports do. Now, some people think, “it’s just fishing, how hard can it be?”  But until you actually participate in a tournament, or witness one, you have no idea. At the end of the day, it takes an immense amount of skill to travel across the country to an unknown lake and pull out the five biggest fish. It’s one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, sports out there and can be enjoyed by anyone with the love for fishing.     

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