Kicks of the Week: US beats Panama

By Amon Kehr

Sports Blogger



United States defeats Panama 4-0

(Arif Shamim, Flickr)

The United States got a big win during a World Cup Qualifying match against Panama on Friday night. Before the match, the U.S. was in fourth place in CONCACAF qualifying tied with Honduras and one point behind Panama. Dominating the game from the start, the U.S. got the result it needed. Midfielder Christian Pulisic started for the U.S., getting the opening goal as well as an assist on the second. Striker Jozy Altidore scored the next two goals with the last one coming from striker Bobby Wood.

The U.S. sits in third place with a two-point lead on Panama and Honduras. With one more game, the U.S. still needs a favorable result to qualify for the World Cup. The U.S. will play its final match against Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday. With a win, the U.S. guarantees itself a spot in the finals this summer. If the U.S. loses or draws the it may either have to play in the inter-confederation playoff match or possibly not qualify all together depending on the results of the other matches.


Seven more countries qualify for World Cup

With the 2018 Russia World Cup quickly approaching, more teams have begun claim their spots in the tournament. Seven countries earned a spot in this summer’s big event this week. One of the more notable of the countries to qualify was Germany, the reigning champions. Also joining them from European qualifying is Spain and England.

The first African team to qualify for the tournament is Nigeria, which was a part of the last one in Brazil. Coming in after was Egypt, which has not qualified for the World Cup since 1990 and are only making their third appearance in the finals. Costa Rica, which made a surprise run to the quarterfinals in the latest tournament, locked up the second CONCACAF spot. The last country to qualify this week was Poland, which has not qualified since 2006. This brings the number of countries which have qualified to 15, almost half of the field.


MLS fines FC Dallas

FC Dallas received fines from MLS for using an illegal substitute against Orlando City on Oct. 3. MLS fined FC Dallas $75,000 of general allocation money and an additional $25,000 for the infraction.

Before the game against Orlando City, FC Dallas player Michael Barrios was listed as a substitute on the starting lineup sheet that was given to the referees 60 minutes before the match began. 15 minutes before , FC Dallas decided to add Tesho Akindele to the list and remove Barrios. This means that under MLS rules, Barrios was not eligible to play. The referees later allowed Barrios to take Akindele’s place on the list of substitutes. FC Dallas was under the impression that this was allowed and actually substituted Barrios into the game in the 84th minute. The game ended in a draw at 0, but Orlando City did notify the league office of the violation.

Although MLS fined FC Dallas for the violation, there was some speculation FIFA rules might be applied toward the situation. FC Dallas would have forfeited the match with a 3-0 result going to Orlando City, according to FIFA’s rules on the violation. This would have been a significant ruling, as both Dallas and Orlando are trying to make the playoffs and the difference this game makes could be enough to hurt one of the team’s playoff hopes.

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