Point/Counterpoint: Is Brady too old?

By Joseph Fazio

Sports Blogger



Point: Brady is the best quarterback ever and still great

185-54 Regular Season Record

25-9 Playoff Record

529 Career Touchdown Passes

63.8 Completion Percentage

17 Season in the NFL

12 Time Pro Bowler

2 Time NFL Most Value Player

5 Super Bowl ring and counting

4 Time Super Bowl Most Value Player

40 Years old, and still going strong

(Keith Allison, Flickr)

TB12, California Cool, Touchdown Tommy and the G.O.A.T are some of the nicknames of the best quarterback in NFL history. At 40, Tom Brady is still one the top quarterbacks the NFL has to offer. Although the Patriots have a 3-2 record, they have no problem scoring. It all comes down to the play of the defense if the Patriots want to win games.

Brady has never lost more than four games since the 2010 season and has never had a losing season since he was drafted in 2000. To say Brady is old and washed up is a complete fabrication. Brady has shown no signs of his statistics declining this season. Brady has a league best 1,399 passing yards and 10 touchdowns. The only player who comes close to those statistics is Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is seven years younger than Brady.

Some nicknames for Brady this year should be The Founder of the Fountain of Youth or the Jaromir Jagr of the NFL.

This year has become especially difficult for the Patriots. The receiving core has been plagued with many injuries from Gronkowski’s declining health, Julian Edelman’s knee injury and Danny Amendola’s recent concussion. In Week 2, with only three receivers suited up for the game, Brady threw three touchdowns and 447 yards against the Saints. The next week, Brady threw for five touchdowns and 378 yards against a stacked Texans’ defense.

There is no possible explanation for Tom Brady to be seen as losing his touch. With the statistics he has put up through five games this season, I have no worries that the team will not make the playoffs.

Counterpoint: Brady is way too old

By Hayden Bonine

Sports Blogger


Tom Brady is too old to play quarterback at a high level in the NFL. I am not saying he is not the most decorated quarterback in NFL history, I am not saying that he is not the greatest of all time. I am saying that he, at 40, cannot play football at the highest level. Brady, of course, will put those shoulder pads on, strap up his helmet and lace up his cleats, but when he goes out on to the field, he looks old and plays old.

To begin, we are so close to having a different narrative on this whole story.  Brady has put up respectable numbers since the Kansas City Chiefs embarrassed him in Week 1. He is not going to continue this production. There will be a breaking point. That point is coming, it can be seen in overthrows and missed reads. The injuries of Julian Edelman and his offensive line are mounting, a list that could include Rob Gronkowski in the future. Brady can be seen leading important drives at the end, but he is eroding. The touchdown pass to Brandin Cooks in Week 2 came right after a Brady fumble and two dropped interceptions.

He is producing against weak defenses like the Saints and Buccaneers. Most offenses and quarterbacks look great in the first few weeks because defenses are still figuring out their schemes, offenses’ new looks, etc. Brady has taken advantage of this completely, but he has been sacked 16 times through five weeks. Last season, Brady was sacked 15 times the entire season. Brady may look good now, but small errors, bad ball placement, missed receivers, wrong reads, lack of mobility, etc. are signs of age.

It is only a matter of time before this small snowball turns into an avalanche. Last night against the Buccaneers, you may not have seen it, but you will. Tom Brady is too old to play quarterback at a high level in the NFL. You’ll see.


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