Tailgater of the Week: ‘Bentley’s Cowboy Café’

By Seth McCaskill

Sports Blogger



One of the most impressive sites to see on an Oklahoma State game day is the amount and scale of tailgaters. Many parking lots on campus are completely filled with motor homes and unique setups, and Rick and Terry Bentley’s is no different. As you approach their home away from home, you’ll notice a large “Bentley’s Cowboy Café” sign on the side, along with several tables for guests to sit at. When asked how long their family has put this on, Rick said ten or twelve years.

(Seth McCaskill, O’Zone)

“Rick cooks on the grill, and then everybody that we know comes by and eats lunch with us,” Terry said.
As with most tailgaters, the Bentleys have a lot of history with OSU, as Rick and both of their daughters graduated from the university.

“Times have just changed substantially since I was here,” Rick said.

It still remains a family affair for the Bentleys, whose daughter now lives in Dallas but still makes her way back for some games.

“Her friends, like all these kids that are here now, they are my daughter’s friends, and she lives in Dallas, she can’t come up for every game, but they still come,” Terry said.

One of the greatest things about OSU is the incredible atmosphere that can be felt all over campus on game day. With the Spirit Walk before games, to season ticket holders coming in from all over to support their alma mater, to the tailgating, it is an infectious atmosphere that cannot be replicated anywhere else. The Bentleys play a pivotal part in what makes these days special for OSU students and alumni alike.


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