Fan Column: OSU fans left BPS disappointed

By Darnell Pointer

Sports Blogger



The loudest I have heard Boone Pickens Stadium was two years ago when Oklahoma State’s defense had a goal-line stop against TCU. Saturday was the next loudest, but for a different reason.

I rushed to the stadium after finishing up with OStateTV’s pregame show, and as I entered, I saw the entire student section full. Luckily for me, my friends saved me a seat and the loudness took over.

(Jeremy Kolok, O’Colly)

As it got closer to kickoff, you could feel the sellout crowd’s energy. It felt like the rowdiness from Gallagher-Iba Arena transferred to Boone Pickens Stadium in the 95-degree weather. I had to stay hydrated because I had been up since 6:30 a.m. with no food.

With TCU scoring two field goals to start the game, the crowd erupted when they saw the classic Mason Rudolph to James Washington connection for an 86-yard touchdown.

The second quarter was a different story as OSU’s defense allowed two touchdowns and the fans started to get unsettled. They started booing at controversial penalties, questionable play calls and the lack of effort the defense showed. For the first time this season, fans were a little worried as the Cowboys went into halftime down 20-10.

In the second half, the fans were ready to root on the Cowboys for a second-half comeback but that bubble was popped early with Rudolph throwing an interception on the first drive. Then the fans got upset when the Cowboys ran three straight run plays despite having to go a long ways to get a first down.

In the fourth quarter, the Cardiac Cowboys appeared, but this time, they died. As fans were getting their hopes up after the Pokes cut the lead to 37-24, receiver Jalen McCleskey then threw an interception deep in TCU territory.

I heard a fan say behind me, “Coach Gundy literally threw the game away.”

This is when the first wave of fans left the stadium.

The crowd erupted again when OSU’s defense forced a three-and-out. The following drive, OSU scored a touchdown and many of my friends believed that a comeback was coming. The nail in the coffin was when TCU quarterback Darius Anderson scored a 42-yard touchdown on a third down, and that is when the next wave of fans left.

It seems once a season fans will leave Boone Pickens Stadium with their dreams of going undefeated crushed, and Saturday was one of those games. 

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