Fan Column: A freshman’s first BPS experience

By Joseph Fazio

Sports Blogger



(Zach Hake, O’Colly)

Who doesn’t love going to a football game on a Thursday night? Football games on a Thursday night should become a tradition at Oklahoma State. Who cares that students have classes early the next morning.

Even for a Thursday game, as I walked into Boone Pickens Stadium, I could feel the energy from the sellout crowd. A note to all freshmen is that you absolutely need to get to the stadium at least an hour before gates open. I know this because I was waiting for my roommates to get to the stadium and they arrived there at 5:30 p.m. Nevertheless, we still had some pretty good seats for the game.

Once 6 p.m. rolled around, almost all of the fans were in their seats to see the Cowboys storm the field. As we saw the smoke and guns go off and the Cowboys run out onto the field, the place went insane. Every fan in the stadium were waving hands and throwing up pistols.

Once the game started, I was very unfamiliar with the whole standing up on the bleachers. The only other football games I have been to were my high school’s division four (the lowest division in Massachusetts sports) team and New England Patriots games. College football games seem to have a greater atmosphere than high school or NFL games. The traditions that keep on going add another part to the experience.

When Tyron Johnson scored only two minutes into the game, the whole student section went crazy with all the students doing their touchdown waves. It was a spectacle to see Bullet race out onto the field with the students providing a chant of “O-S-U” followed by an unfamiliar “U-S-O” chant.

As the first quarter concluded, I started to feel bad for the Golden Hurricane. The Cowboys kept scoring and scoring and had a 21-0 lead at the end of the quarter. It reminded me of how the Atlanta Falcons played against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl this year. But there would be no comeback this game.

The hardest thing as a freshman at your first football game is that you do not want to look like a freshman. In actuality, it was pretty hard not to look completely dumbfounded when the OSU fight song came on.

I started to do the same thing I would do when I do not know the lyrics to a song, moving my lips to seem like you are singing is one thing, but when hands start going in the air, I was completely lost.

Once it hit halftime and the Cowboy marching band hit the field, I could not help myself and started to sing the songs of the “British Invasion.” Who could resist singing along to Queen’s “Bicycle Race” and the Beatles’ “Hey Jude?”

(Devin Lawrence Wilber, O’Colly)

As the game moved forward close to the end of the game, the energy from the crowd never died. All 56,790 fans were yelling “O-S-U” every play, cheering on the Cowboys to the promise land. I especially cheered emphatically after Justice Hill gave a huge stiff arm to a Tulsa defender.

My first Cowboy football game was a great awakening experience as it was not just a place to watch and see OSU dominate its opponents but also a bonding experience between the students. With everyone cheering and singing together, I really felt like I was part of a huge family, the Cowboy family.

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