The Breakdown: Gundy. Mullet. Gold chain. Singlet.

Dekota Gregory

Digital Sports Editor



If you opened social media Wednesday, then you saw Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy’s video that promoted the top-ranked Cowboys’ wrestling dual against No. 2 Penn State at 3 p.m. Sunday. Now that I’ve had time to process it (kind of), let’s break down what in Boone Pickens’ name we all watched.


First Impression

The first thing we see is the party before Gundy slowly turns around in his chair to unveil the business. A little awkward, but nothing too much until he adds, “Oh, I didn’t know you were there.” Other than that, it’s the usual Gundy, who is currently taking his mid-life crisis public with a mullet on his head and a gold chain draped around his neck. We’ve gotten used to that, though, but wait, is that some shoulder we see?


Next 10 seconds

We officially realize why Gundy created the video at this point as he starts to talk about OSU wrestling. The light from the camera reflects off his clear blue eyes as they stare into the souls of Cowboy fans. After this point, 16 seconds into the video, there is no going back. A second later, Gundy says “butt.” The camera is now panning out, and Gundy is getting farther and farther away. By the 20-second mark, the medallion on the end of the gold chain is revealed resting on Gundy’s visible chest.


Final 20 seconds

(Cameron Jourdan, O'Colly)
(Cameron Jourdan, O’Colly)

By now, you know what’s coming. You spot the top of the orange singlet, and fortunately, that view ends where Gundy has his hands clasped on top of his desk. It’s over. No more surprises. Gundy is just gonna unclasp his hands, wave his finger at the camera and get fans hyped about the dual. But why is the camera still panning out? Is that a special guest? Yes, a special appearance by the baby blue “Big Daddy” mug that made its debut during Gundy’s press conference on National Signing Day. OSU wrestling coach John Smith is also on Gundy’s monitor in the background. Smith is laughing during a press conference, which means he must have just taken a jab at me, insisting I couldn’t step on the mat at 197 pounds during the Bedlam dual (which he’s right). By this point, we forgot Gundy was talking. There is just too much going on. But just as we zone back in, Gundy has almost reached a yell, “We need you to be there, and be loud and go Pokes!”


The screen is black. It’s over. You can’t believe that is on the internet.

You hit refresh. “Oh, I didn’t know …” 

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