Super Bowl LI MVP Watch (not named Tom Brady or Matt Ryan)

Jeremy Kolok

Sports Blogger


Tom Brady is tied with Joe Montana for most Super Bowl MVP awards with three. Brady will have the chance to grab his fourth if he leads the New England Patriots to a win in Super Bowl LI on Sunday.

On the other side, Matt Ryan is playing in his first career Super Bowl, and probably has the best chance at claiming that MVP trophy if the Falcons win due to their pass-heavy offensive play style. He will likely be awarded the regular season MVP trophy as well.

Seven of the last 10 Super Bowl MVP awards have gone to quarterbacks, and 27 of the 50 all-time have, as well. This makes Brady and Ryan the clear favorites for the Super Bowl MVP award, given that their respective team wins.

However, it would surprise no one if someone other than the signal-callers for these teams put up an MVP-worthy performance on the NFL’s biggest stage.

Here’s a few players I think could make some game-changing plays that could steal them the MVP trophy from the winning quarterback.

Julio Jones, wide receiver, Atlanta Falcons

(Football Schedule, Flickr)
(Football Schedule, Flickr)

Julio Jones is probably the most talented receiver in the league and is an offensive weapon that we’ve never seen in the Super Bowl. The last time I can remember a talented, dominant receiver of this level playing in the Super Bowl was the Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald in 2009. The thing about that is, Jones is way better and even more un-guardable than Fitzgerald. Jones may be the most talented receiver the Super Bowl has ever seen so don’t be surprised if he leaves his mark. Jones would be the first receiver since Santonio Holmes of Super Bowl XLIII to take home the award.

LeGarrette Blount, running back, New England Patriots

LeGarrette Blount could win the MVP due to red-zone production. The Patriots back has four multi-touchdown games this season. New England loves to march down the field with a pass-heavy scheme until they get to the end zone. Then, New England loves to hand the ball to its big 250+ pound running back to power his way into the end zone. Blount could rack up multiple touchdowns in a New England victory.

Devin McCourty, safety, New England Patriots

(michael89156, Flickr)
(michael89156, Flickr)

Devin McCourty may be the most important player on the Patriots defense. The superstar safety has his work cut out for him as his team will face a very potent passing offense. McCourty will likely play safety over the top of Julio Jones. Double-teamed or not, I guarantee Matt Ryan will still try and get the ball into Jones’ hands. This will give McCourty a shot at making a game-changing play. If McCourty can cause a key takeaway in a crucial situation Sunday, he could walk away with MVP honors.

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