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If you haven’t heard, the Super Bowl is Sunday. Everyone is concerned about who is going to win the game, but not me. I grew up watching Detroit Lions football, so I never had a rooting interest in the Big Game. This lack of success pushed me toward what the Super Bowl had to offer other than the final score, such as the halftime show and commercials. I’m here to share the love for everything prop bet. I’ll make my picks, as well as guest picker Zach Hake of “Tailgater of the Week” fame. Just to make it clear, here at the O’Zone, we do not encourage gambling. This is simply to inform you of the crazy bets people can make. Let’s get to the exciting stuff.


Which color of Gatorade will be poured on the winning head coach?

(Huntley Paton, Flickr)
(Huntley Paton, Flickr)

Odds: Clear/Water at 3/1, Green at 3/1, Orange at 3/1, Yellow at 3/1, Red at 6/1, Blue at 15/2 and Purple at 12/1

Ah, yes, Gatorade color. This is arguably the most famous prop bet of all. The dumping of Gatorade is one of the best moments in the Super Bowl, and people try to guess which color the liquid will be.

Matt: I will instantly eliminate water, purple and green purely because orange, yellow, red and blue are the colors Gatorade connoisseurs think of first. When the Patriots won two years ago, they poured blue Gatorade over Bill Belichick’s shoulders. Despite what history says, both teams have red in their color scheme, so I’ll take red.

Pick: Red

Zach: I agree with Matt’s decision to eliminate water, purple and green. I was tempted to go with the ‘red in their color scheme’ route, but I believe in my taste buds for this pick. The strange aftertaste that red Gatorade leaves in my mouth has heavily influenced my decision. With this in mind, I am sticking with my tongue and choosing blue because I think the Pats will take home the trophy and Bill Belichick will get a refreshing, blue-flavored Gatorade bath in Houston.

Pick: Blue


Will “Houston, we have a problem” be said on TV? (Note: From kickoff to final whistle. Halftime and commercials do NOT count.)

(A to Z Entertainment, Inc., Flickr)
(A to Z Entertainment, Inc., Flickr)

Odds: No at 1/4 and Yes at 5/2

The Big Game will be held in Houston this year and H-Town is famous for its space center. During the Apollo 13 space mission, astronaut Jack Swigert called the center and said the famous line “Houston, we have a problem” after a crash during the trip. The crew returned safely thanks to help from the space center.

Matt: My guess is something controversial will happen. What it will be is to be seen, but I would wager a Julio Jones bomb is caught but called incomplete on the field. The call goes to the booth for a review and before the call gets reviewed one of my least favorite announcers, Joe Buck, will utter the phrase. That is how I think the series of events will unfold, so I will take the underdog.

Pick: Yes

Zach: This was a tough pick at first. If commercials were fair game, I would bet my life savings that Doritos or Taco Bell would have some (extra) cheesy ad about an alien eating some form of space nachos and the dreaded line would be stuck in heads around the nation. Since these coveted commercials are off limits, I am going to agree that some sort of controversy will lead an announcer to say the cliché. It’s the Super Bowl; I’m sure there will be plenty for Houston to worry about. I will even throw in a specific moment: Matt Ryan will get hit late after an incompletion during the third quarter and a small skirmish will erupt between the two units until a referee is able to calm them down. During the hysteria, our beloved and ever-entertaining Joe Buck will make football fans across the nation cringe with his dad-joke punchline.

Pick: Yes


Which song will Lady Gaga play first during her halftime show?

(Little Monster, Flickr)
(Little Monster, Flickr)

Odds: “Born This Way” at 9/4, “Bad Romance” at 5/2, “Edge of Glory” at 6/1, “Poker Face” at 10/1, “Just Dance” at 10/1 and any other song is at 11/10

This one’s a fun prop bet. Lady Gaga has a lot of songs, but she will only get to sing a few, so which ones will she pick, and, more importantly, which one will be first?

Matt: Lady Gaga has had a past of political activism, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she sings “Born This Way,” her empowering hit song, to throw metaphorical jabs at Donald Trump for his recent executive order banning people from seven countries to enter the United States. I think Gaga will start with her most successful song (I mean who didn’t like “Bad Romance?”) and throw in “Born This Way” to close out the set.

Pick: “Bad Romance”

Zach: I really side with Matt’s claim about the Trump jabs and empowering the audience, but I feel like it would be wrong for her not to throw it back to “Just Dance.” The amount of nostalgia associated with “Just Dance” and pre-meat dress Lady Gaga is hard to ignore. I feel like “Born This Way” will definitely make an appearance, but it will be either her grand finale or one of the tracks right before her last song. I have to go with my 2008 gut and pick the anthem for the ages.

Pick: “Just Dance”


What will Luke Bryan be wearing when he starts singing the national anthem?

(Caroline Manley, Flickr)
(Caroline Manley, Flickr)

Odds: Blue Jeans at 1/2 and any other pants or shorts at 3/2

The country star will be singing the national anthem. He is usually wearing blue jeans; hence the high odds for blue jeans.

Matt: I have a confession to make: I don’t like country music. In fact, I’ve never intentionally listened to a Luke Bryan song. So, I’m not as knowledgeable as I am about Lady Gaga. Despite my lack of knowledge of his music, I do know he loves his blue jeans. I don’t think he will change his wardrobe for the national anthem. I’ll take the favorite.

Pick: Blue jeans

Zach: Much like my southwest ranch-loving counterpart, I am not a huge fan of country music. I can recall listening to it when I was younger but have strayed away from it as much as possible. Being from Texas, it is almost blasphemous to not absolutely live and die for country songs, especially since my hometown is a short drive from the rodeo Mecca of the world, Houston. I have never seen Luke Bryan in concert, but I can imagine half of his wardrobe contains denim. With that in mind, I am also going to pick the classic blue jean look because it’s Luke Bryan and the game is in Houston.

Pick: Blue Jeans all the way. Maybe even a jean jacket too.

Editor’s Note: All odds and prop bets courtesy of Will Brinson’s article “2017 Super Bowl prop bets: Here’s 51 of the best, worst and weirdest things to bet on” from  


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