Best deals for Super Bowl Sunday

Zach Hake

Sports Blogger



Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and the one thing every successful Super Bowl party requires is food. Whether you’re a wing fanatic, a pizza connoisseur or you feel like going out to eat for the big game, there are tons of deals to make you the MVP (Most Valuable Partier). Here are the O’Zone’s best food deals for this upcoming Super Bowl.



Mark H. Anbinder, Flickr)
Mark H. Anbinder, Flickr)

The Super Bowl and pizza are a tradition as long as the game itself. Pizza is the perfect party food; it’s easy to eat, tastes great and if you don’t finish it all, cold pizza is one of the best forms of leftovers. In preparation for the big game, Pizza Hut is planning to hire 11,000 employees, which speaks volumes on how much of a staple pizza is. Here are some of the best deals for a tasty Super Bowl slice.


Papa John’s

Papa John’s is the official sponsor of Super Bowl LI, which means they are going to be the most popular pizza option. Use coupon code ‘SAVE6’ to take 40 percent off all menu items and online purchases. They also have a Super Party Pack with three large, two-topping pies, garlic knots, breadsticks or cheese sticks, two cookies and two large sodas for $50.


Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the perfect pizza spot if you are throwing the party at your house. The Big Party Deal offers two large, two-topping pizzas plus breadsticks for just $19.99. The Triple Treat Bundle offers two medium one-topping pizzas, an order of breadsticks and either an Ultimate Hershey’s chocolate chip cookie or a Hershey’s triple chocolate brownie for $19.99.



If you are having a party for the ages with lots of pizza-hungry mouths to feed, Domino’s is the way to go. If you use the group ordering section on, you can get a bulk discount on your order. An order of four to six pizzas gets you 10 percent off, seven to nine gets you a 15 percent discount, and if you need more than 10 pizzas you get an additional 20 percent off your order.



It is hard to think of a food combination that goes together as well as pizza and chicken wings. It doesn’t matter if you like boneless, blazing hot or barbecue; everyone can agree that it’s hard to beat a couple dozen chicken wings. Here are some of the best deals to satisfy your chicken cravings.


Wing Stop

For just $20, you can get 25 boneless wings in up to three flavors, plus two drinks and two dips. You can also order a 50-wings Family Pack for $45.99 and get a two-liter and two sides.



You can get a traditional wings platter for $43.99 that comes with your choice of up to four sauces, celery and ranch.



For only $10, choose 12 hot wings, six pieces of chicken, popcorn nuggets or nine extra crispy tenders.



Perhaps you feel like going out to eat this year while watching the greatest sporting event in America. Fear not, there are several establishments with some solid deals and televisions that you can enjoy the Super Bowl at. Plus, you aren’t the one who has to clean up.



If you can somehow manage to find a spot at the bar, Applebee’s is offering $15 buckets of beer and $5 appetizers all day for the big game.


Jersey Mike’s

Do you have a craving for a tasty sub made Mike’s Way? Although Jersey Mike’s isn’t known for its Super Bowl prowess, you can still get a great sandwich to enjoy while you watch the game at home or with friends. If you order online and use the code ‘FIRST50’, you get 50 percent off your first order. If you use code ‘NEXT25’, each subsequent offer will be 25 percent off.


Buffalo Wild Wings

(Mike Mozart, Flickr)
(Mike Mozart, Flickr)

I was debating on whether or not to put Buffalo Wild Wings in the ‘wings’ section, but I decided it belongs here because of its perfect atmosphere for the Super Bowl. Along with its football-friendly environment, B-Dubs has some great offers available to make your Sunday one for the record books.

Twenty-eight dollars will get you the Big Game deal, which includes a large order of traditional or boneless wings with your choice of sauces, two sharable appetizers, celery and carrots. If you plan on eating there, I would get there early because Super Bowl Sunday is one of the busiest days of the year for the Buffalo Wild Wings franchise. Last year, the company had a 113 percent increase in sales compared to a normal football season Sunday. To maximize your chances of getting your wings before kickoff, I recommend calling either Saturday or early Sunday and placing your order for pick up to avoid the crowds all together.

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