Thunder Bolts: Golden State Warriors 121, Oklahoma City Thunder 100

Cameron Jourdan

Sports Blogger



Physical, chippy game

Zaza Pachulia picked up a flagrant foul one after he shucked Russell Westbrook and hit him in the face then stood over him while Westbrook was on the floor. Draymond Green then high-fived Pachulia. Post play was physical throughout the game between the big men. The Durant-Westbrook rivalry spread between the teams in Durant’s second game against his former team.


Odd call possibly cost Thunder

In the middle of the third quarter, OKC had a 5-on-4 break and Domantas Sabonis hit an open 3-pointer that would have put the Thunder up 64-63, but the refs blew the whistle prior to Sabonis’ shot and reset the shot clock because of an apparent error. It was 63-63 after the possession and the Warriors then went on a 26-13 run over a five-minute period that essentially sealed the victory.


Russell “TripDubBrook”

Westbrook recorded his 21st triple-double of the season Wednesday night. He finished with 27 points, 15 rebounds and 13 assists. However Westbrook had 10 turnovers, so technically, he got his third quadruple-double of the season.

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