Your favorite OSU player as a Thanksgiving dish

Dekota Gregory

Digital Sports Editor


Mason Rudolph, quarterback: Turkey

(Kurt Steiss, O'Colly)
(Kurt Steiss, O’Colly)

Your Thanksgiving meal needs turkey on the table, and the Oklahoma State Cowboys need Mason Rudolph on their depth chart. While turkey and Rudolph are essentials, you don’t talk much about either outside your grandma’s house or Boone Pickens Stadium. Rudolph is rarely in the news. He does his job, gives the media simple answers then who knows what he does when he leaves the stadium. The fact is, no one ever hears what he does away from football. That’s the type of quarterback a coach wants: plays well, stays out of trouble. I want my turkey to do the same. It’s never really the most exciting meal on the table, but it better be good and fill your family up. If not, Taco Bueno opens at noon on Thursday in Stillwater.

James Washington, receiver: Stuffing

(Devin L. Wilber, O'Colly)
(Devin L. Wilber, O’Colly)

Every great turkey needs stuffing just as good. It’s a traditional duo. Batman and Robin, Bonnie and Clyde, turkey and stuffing, Rudolph to Washington. Rudolph would still be solid without Washington, but he probably wouldn’t be second in the Big 12 with 3,591 yards. Washington is also second in the conference in receiving yards with 1,159. Turkey just isn’t the same without stuffing. Twitter also wouldn’t be the same without #RudolphToWashington.  #Rudolph doesn’t have a ring to it.


Justice Hill, running back: Ham

(Devin L. Wilber, O'Colly)
(Devin L. Wilber, O’Colly)

For awhile, my family’s Thanksgiving meal was missing ham. I don’t know why, but it was absent. Usually once a Thanksgiving, we’d think, “Ham sounds really good, I wish we had some.” Then, last year, thanks to my great aunt, ham returned. We forgot what we were missing. It was delicious. We thought turkey was plenty, but we definitely needed another meat on our plate to turn our meal from average to great. The Cowboys’ running game also returned this year thanks to freshman Justice Hill. Now, the offensive line deserves a lot of credit and Chris Carson has also been exceptional recently, but Hill was the spark. I doubt every Thanksgiving meal features a ham, but the ones that do will result in a much better nap.


Ramon Richards, cornerback: Dessert

(Kurt Steiss, O'Colly)
(Kurt Steiss, O’Colly)

I couldn’t pick only one dessert. I thought about pumpkin pie, but some people don’t like pumpkin pie, even with whipped cream. But everyone loves Ramon Richards. However, like dessert, he’s probably not good for OSU fans’ health. He tends to get burnt and give up big plays, which causes Cowboy fans’ blood pressure to skyrocket. But those mishaps seem worth it when Richards gets an interception when it matters most or makes a highlight play. Dessert also makes you happy when the meal is finished. Richards makes everyone smile when the game ends. He’s the most charismatic player on the OSU football team, which is why he has his own weekly segment, “Real Talk With Ramon Richards.”


OSU Offensive Line: Mashed Potatoes

(Devin L. Wilber, O'Colly)
(Devin L. Wilber, O’Colly)

Every great Thanksgiving meal needs mashed potatoes. Every Big 12 offense needs a solid offensive line. The Cowboys have turned things around up front this season. The big guys in the trenches received a lot of scrutiny during the past two seasons, however, they aren’t getting as much glory this season during their success. You sometimes forget mashed potatoes are on your plate. You just take a bite of them in between mouthfuls of turkey and talking about Trump’s wall. When the offensive line struggled, Cowboy fans noticed. This season, in the midst of success, they’re distracted by Rudolph, Hill and Washington.

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