NFL Cowboy Call-ups: Bryant, Baily star in impressive victory

Ali Guidoum

Sports Blogger


Dez Bryant, wide receiver, Dallas Cowboys

(Football Schedule, Flickr)
(Football Schedule, Flickr)

A day after the death of his father, Dez Bryant made it clear that he would not sit out Sunday’s matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers. In what many have called the game of the year, Bryant had six receptions for 116 yards and a clutch 50-yard touchdown , giving the Cowboys a lead at the end of the third quarter. After reaching the end zone, Bryant pointed to the sky and fell to a crouched position before teammates rushed to him. It was an emotional moment for Bryant and everyone watching. Bryant and the Cowboys emerged victorious with a 35-30 win over the Steelers and have won eight consecutive games. They travel back home Sunday to take on the Ravens.

Dan Bailey, kicker, Dallas Cowboys

When you look up “perfection” in the dictionary, a picture of Dan Bailey is next to the definition. Bailey had another impeccable performance against the Steelers, as he completed all three of his field goal attempts from 37, 46, and 53 yards out. Bailey also made each of his extra point attempts.

Perrish Cox, cornerback, Tennessee Titans

Cox had two tackles and one interception in the Titans’ blowout victory against the Packers. The Titans defense made sure Aaron Rodgers had a tough day, hitting him six times and deflecting eight of his passes. Cox held wide receiver Randall Cobb to only 31 receiving yards. Cox has three interceptions on the season and continues to play consistently.

Emmanuel Ogbah, linebacker, Cleveland Browns

Ogbah and the Browns defense went up against the Ravens on Thursday. Ogbah recorded three combined tackles, including one solo tackle. Ogbah continues to improve each week and could be a serious threat to opposing offenses in the near future.

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