NHL Headlines: 3 Week Update

Trevor Smith

Sports Blogger



A lot has happened since the beginning of the NHL season, from spectacular debuts to lackluster performances from the league’s top performers. Here are some of the top headlines you might have missed in this hectic start to the NHL season.

Auston Matthew’s Debut

Auston Matthews made his NHL debut. (Jumpy News, Flickr)
Auston Matthews made his NHL debut.
(Jumpy News, Flickr)

The 19-year-old No. 1 overall pick dazzled in his NHL debut for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Matthews tallied four goals on six shots in the Maple Leafs 5-4 overtime loss to the Ottawa Senators.

Evgeni Malkin’s 300th goal

Evgeni Malkin scored his 300th career goal Saturday against the Philadelphia Flyers. It was Malkin’s 653 game in his 10-year career with the Pittsburgh Penguins. The goal was also the game-winning goal in the Penguins 5-4 victory.

Montreal Canadiens Impressive Start

The Canadiens have jumped out to an impressive 8-0-1 start to the season with their only loss coming against the Ottawa Senators in a shootout ending 4-3. The start has also propelled the Canadiens into first place in the Atlantic Division.

Evander Kane Legal Trouble

It wasn’t too long until someone got in trouble with the law this season. Enter Evander Kane, a former Atlanta Thrasher and current Buffalo Sabres forward. Kane got in trouble this offseason for harassment and trespassing and has been dealing with the repercussions all season. He however, has just entered a plea deal which drops the harassment and trespassing charges putting an end to the first legal trouble of the NHL season.


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