World Series preview

Andy Cheng

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Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians

The Cubs are the favorite to win the World Series and end their 108-year drought. (Scott U, Flickr)
The Cubs are the favorite to win the World Series and end their 108-year drought.
(Scott U, Flickr)

The 2016 World Series is bound to be one for the ages, literally. The Indians are attempting to bring another championship back to the land, while also ending a 68-year drought. The Cubs are trying to erase the “Curse of the Billy Goat,” which lasted 108 years. Both teams have a chance to re-write history and reward their respective fans for all the drama and heartbreaks they’ve been through. The Indians have come this far due to their shutdown bullpen and timely hitting. Manager Terry Francona will continue to depend on ALCS MVP Andrew Miller to shut down any sort of rally the Cubs may produce in critical late innings. Cleveland’s batters will work the count and get on base any way they can and hope to produce runs with their legs. Even though they are the underdog in a series again, the Indians will have home field advantage as a result of an American League win in the All-Star game. The Cubs starting rotation consists of four aces who are all capable of shutting down an offense by themselves. The Chicago pitchers will also throw confidently knowing that even if they do give up a few runs, their young and talented hitters can compose game-changing rallies any time during the game. Despite not having home field advantage, the Cubs should be able to defeat the Indians and end the 108-year curse. All analysis and predictions aside, this World Series will be a wild ride and has captured the attention of the sports world. Hold on tight and don’t miss a single pitch. History will be made.

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