Buy Low, Sell High: Time for T.Y. to go

Trevor Smith

Sports Blogger



After an exciting Week 6, many questions were answered around the NFL. The Falcons proved they were the real deal, while the Vikings continued their dominance by dismantling the Texans. There were many surprising games from players such as Bears receiver Cameron Meredith and other players who are normally solid, played awful, such as Texans receiver Will Fuller. Now that all that is out of the way, let’s see who you should buy low and who you should sell high.


Buy Low


Hunter Henry, tight end, San Diego Chargers,: 13 receptions, 227 yards, two touchdowns

During Antonio Gates’ absence, Chargers rookie tight end Hunter Henry assumed the No. 1 role. Coming out of Arkansas, Henry was a top passing option for Razorback quarterback Brandon Allen. The rookie Henry has now earned the trust of Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers. With a depleted receiving corps, Henry has had to assume a larger role in the offense. He hasn’t disappointed. Henry is averaging 17.5 yards per reception and has become a deep threat for Rivers. Henry has also been reliable, catching 13 of the 18 passes thrown his way this season. Continue to watch Henry’s numbers go up. He’s a good buy-low starting tight end, and may even be a steal on the free agent market.


Sam Bradford, quarterback, Minnesota Vikings: 719 yards, four touchdowns, no interceptions

After the injury to Teddy Bridgewater, many thought the Vikings season was over. Insert Sam Bradford, and the Vikings are the only undefeated team left in the NFL. Former No. 1 pick Bradford has been better than expected this season, leading the Vikings on this undefeated journey. Bradford has finally found a home after starting his career with the Rams then the Eagles, where he was less than great for both organizations. He’s now boasting a 109.8 quarterback rating, which is the best he’s had in his six seasons. Bradford also has a strong 69.5 completion rating and has been smart with the ball, not allowing any interceptions to this point. He can be a good buy low in a deep league and even a spot start in smaller leagues.


Sell High


Antonio Gates, tight end, San Diego Chargers: 10 receptions, 65 yards, two touchdowns

The time as starting tight end may be numbered for Antonio Gates. With Gates injured, it opened the door for Chargers rookie Henry to assume the starting tight end position. Even before the injury, Gates was not playing to the level he’s been used to. Gates is averaging 6.5 yards per reception and has only 65 yards on the season. For fantasy owners, it’s time to get rid of Gates before he loses the starting job for good. Therefore, sell high now rather than later before his production drops too much.


T.Y. Hilton, wide receiver, Indianapolis Colts: 35 receptions, 507 yards, three touchdowns

Despite being the Colts No. 1 receiver, T.Y. Hilton won't be the top guy on your fantasy team.  (Bill Bryan, Flickr)
Despite being the Colts No. 1 receiver, T.Y. Hilton won’t be the top guy on your fantasy team.
(Bill Bryan, Flickr)

T.Y. Hilton is still the No. 1 receiver for Andrew Luck and the Colts, but it may be time to get him off your fantasy team. Hilton has put up fantastic numbers over the past years and has started that trend this year again. However, he is prone to have sporadic games throughout the season. He’s a go big or go home receiver and the latter of the two options happens too often for Hilton. Holding on to the football has also been a struggle for Hilton, as he’s fumbled the ball four times this season. Therefore, despite the Madden-like games now and then, Hilton and his fumble prone self is too much of a risk in the long run to keep on your team. You can sell high on Hilton for almost any position you are lacking at.

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