Studs and Duds: Palmer, other stars flop

Luke Garza

Sports Blogger





Marvin Jones, wide receiver, Detroit Lions

Through three weeks, Jones has proven to be one of the best free agent acquisitions of the summer. Jones leads the league in receiving yards with 408 but over half of them came in Sunday’s matchup against the Packers. The Lions found themselves in an early 31-3 hole. This caused Stafford to chuck up 41 passes, eight of which were thrown to Jones for 205 yards.


Chiefs Defense/Special Teams

A defensive unit won’t typically find itself on this list, but it happened this week. The Chiefs defense had a field day against Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, picking off six of his passes Sunday. It also recovered two fumbles to go along with two defensive touchdowns, good for 32 fantasy points.


Terrelle Pryor, wide receiver, Cleveland Browns

Pryor showed off his versatility against the Dolphins on Sunday, getting touches as a receiver and quarterback. He even threw some passes and compiled 35 yards through the air. Add another 165 yards from scrimmage with a touchdown, and you have a 23-point fantasy day from the sixth-year veteran out of Ohio State.




Kelvin Benjamin, wide receiver, Carolina Panthers

Benjamin rewarded those who drafted him this offseason, leading all wide receivers in fantasy points after two weeks. Benjamin came crashing down to Earth against the Vikings on Sunday, receiving only one target in the game. Much of this is attributed to the Vikings defense, which constantly pressured quarterback Cam Newton.


Carson Palmer, quarterback, Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer failed to throw a touchdown for the first time this season Sunday. (Kevin Piatt, Flickr)
Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer failed to throw a touchdown for the first time this season Sunday.
(Kevin Piatt, Flickr)

Palmer has gotten off to a shaky start to his 2016 campaign. Palmer, the sixth-best fantasy quarterback a year ago, scored only three fantasy points against the Bills, who picked off four of his passes. Palmer failed to throw a touchdown for the first time since Week 12 of last season.


Ryan Matthews, running back, Philadelphia

Matthews has been a bit of a fantasy surprise thus far, ranking 10th among running backs through two weeks. Matthews has struggled to 3.2 yards per carry this season but benefits from goal line touches; he has three scores this season. Matthews didn’t get much of a chance to prove himself against the Steelers, for he received only two carries for negative five yards.

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