MLB Rookie of the Year watch: Fulmer back on track

Trevor Smith

Sports Blogger


With the MLB season coming to a close, the race for the National and American League’s Rookie of the Year is closer than ever with new faces emerging almost daily looking to throw their name into the conversation.


National League


Corey Seager, shortstop, Los Angeles Dodgers

Coming off a poor performance last week, Corey Seager was able to rebound with a strong performance. He went 9-of-30 from the plate and contributed three RBIs. He also showed off some power, as he sent one out of the park for his 26th homerun of the season. Seager also posted a .300 batting average while enticing two walks. If Seager can stay on track, then he should be able to cruise to victory in the last few weeks of the regular season.


Aledmys Diaz, shortstop, St. Louis Cardinals

After coming back strong from the disabled list last week, Aledmys Diaz faltered this past week. Diaz went an abysmal 1-of-11 against opposing pitchers and was unable to muster a single RBI. The only bright spot for Diaz this past week was that he earned two walks. Diaz ended the week with a mere .091 batting average, which is one of the worst stretches he’s had this season. With this horrific week, Diaz will be fighting an even more difficult uphill battle than before if he still wants a chance at Rookie of the Year.


Seung Hwan Oh, relief pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals

Seung Hwan Oh saw minimal action this week and was unable to produce a strong outing. Oh pitched only one inning and gave up one run during the outing. The run came off of one hit allowed and resulted in Oh ending the week with a 9.00 ERA. With the season winding down, Oh will need a tremendous boost in appearances if he wants a chance to make a move in the standings.


American League


Michael Fulmer, starting pitcher, Detroit Tigers

Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer earned his first win in five starts Friday to get back on track. (Keith Allison, Flickr)
Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer earned his first win in five starts Friday to get back on track.
(Keith Allison, Flickr)

Michael Fulmer was able to get over his losing streak and win his first game in five starts Friday. Fulmer went seven innings and struck out nine people in the process. He gave up only one earned run on eight hits over the course of the game. Finishing with zero walks was just the icing on the cake as Fulmer posted a 1.29 ERA with a corresponding WHIP of 1.14. With his losing ways most likely behind him, all Fulmer has to do is play decent and he could have the Rookie of the Year wrapped up in no time.


Tyler Naquin, centerfield, Cleveland Indians

After a lackluster week last week, Tyler Naquin was unable to improve on his play with his level of play dropping even lower. Putting up a 2-of-10 performance was the least of Naquin’s worries this week with him unable to contribute even a single RBI. He ended the week with a .200 batting average and earned three walks. If Naquin is unable to get himself together than he may as well just hand Fulmer the award.


Gary Sanchez, catcher, New York Yankees

Gary Sanchez has been putting on a show for baseball fans around the world this season. After being called up late in the season, Sanchez has been one of the most dynamic players in the majors. In just 47 games, he already has 19 homers, which is more than some players who started Opening Day. Sanchez has also been able contribute 38 RBIs for the Yankees on 58 hits, and he’s posting a .322 batting average and .706 slugging percentage. Sanchez may not win Rookie of the Year but he will be a household name for years to come if he keeps playing like he has been.

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