Fan Column: records and rain delays

Zach Hake

Sports Blogger


Oklahoma State fans 'striped Boone pickens Stadium' on Saturday during the Cowboys' game against Pittsburgh. (Kaeighly Crane, O'Colly)
Oklahoma State fans ‘striped Boone pickens Stadium’ on Saturday during the Cowboys’ game against Pittsburgh.
(Kaeighly Crane, O’Colly)

Any time a football game lasts almost seven hours, one team leaves feeling devastated, and the other leaves overjoyed. Luckily for Cowboy fans, this seven-hour saga resulted in the latter.

From the opening play, it was evident this matchup between Oklahoma State and Pittsburgh was going to be a shootout. Quarterback Mason Rudolph hit a wide-open James Washington for a 92-yard touchdown just 16 seconds after kickoff.

It was an impressive way to start a game, especially after the controversy regarding OSU’s loss to Central Michigan last week. The Cowboys came out with a chip on their shoulder and ended up breaking several records in the process.

With the absence of Chris Carson, running back Rennie Childs had the best game of his career and ran for 100 yards and four touchdowns, including the go-ahead touchdown with 1:28 left on the clock in OSU’s 45-38 victory.

Rudolph also had a record-setting performance, throwing for 540 yards and two touchdowns. Rudolph looked confident throughout, heaving several deep balls down the field as he challenged Pitt’s man coverage.

On the receiving end of nine of those passes was James Washington who ended the game with 296 yards, the fourth-highest tally in Big 12 history.

57de053c171ed-imageThe stadium was striped for this matchup, and Cowboy fans did well wearing their designated colors. The stadium looked as full as it has been all season and the orange and white sections made it look that much better.

This record-setting performance was not always sunshine and rainbows, though.

The game was tied 38-38 with 13 minutes left in the fourth quarter when officials issued a weather delay after lightning was spotted nearby. The delay lasted nearly two hours and only the ‘loyal and true’ braved the weather as our free shirts, now soaking wet, suggested.

Luckily, there was a great selection of music for the fans crazy enough to sit through a miniature hurricane and we were able to watch the final minutes of the Ole Miss and Alabama game on the big screens.

There are no words to describe seeing a rainbow over the east end zone of Boone Pickens Stadium after such a wait. It was almost surreal hearing the announcer’s voice state that the teams were about to begin warming up.

The events that took place in the final 13 minutes have affirmed my belief that this was one of the most memorable games of football I have ever witnessed.

After a monotonous series of punting, OSU was finally able to put a solid drive together and go up 45-38 with only 1:28 left.

Pittsburgh burned its first timeout of the second half earlier and was unable to answer. An interception from cornerback Ramon Richards sealed the deal for the Cowboys.

Rudolph took a knee, this time with no intentional grounding or ridiculous Hail Mary to worry about.


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