OSU rugby looks to improve under new coach

Jon Charron

Club Sports Beat Writer


Founded in 1974, the Oklahoma State club rugby team is looking to rebuild. First-year coach Scott Poindexter is the man for the job. Poindexter, an OSU alum, played rugby for the Cowboys from 1991-93. He looks to build the program back up while adding more structure.

As with any new coach, Poindexter has his own goals for the upcoming season. Instilling “brotherhood, continuity, excitement about the club and to just get better each week” are Poindexter’s points of emphasis.

The team has players from France, England and Scotland on this year’s squad. Charlie Livens, a flanker and center, has traveled all the way from Loughborough University in England to complete his master’s degree in industrial engineering. Livens’ reasoning for attending OSU was because he enjoys warm weather and it was his best option available.

“There are guys all over the world that has played Oklahoma State rugby,” Poindexter said. “There are a lot of connections here with the alumni and it’s a great way to get potential connections for the work force.”

While the season has just started, Poindexter is still looking for more players to add to the team. Anyone with any type of experience is encouraged to try out.

OSU traveled to Kansas on Saturday for its season opener. The Cowboys lost 41-5.

OSU returns to action in a scrimmage against Oklahoma on Saturday at Langston University.


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