Bishop’s Babbles: introduction to the weirdness that is me


Jordan Bishop

Entertainment Blogger



I hated the ending of Toy Story 3.

Why, you might ask? Because I thought the little girl was somehow Sid’s kid and was planning revenge for her father’s loss to the power of Woody and Buzz 15 years earlier. Why else would she take the loveable duo after Andy explicitly left them in his “going to college” box?

That little girl didn’t want Rex or Slinky, she wanted to torture Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, and that means war. When it was announced there would be another Toy Story film coming sometime soon, I leaped for joy. I hope it entails the toys escaping the evil little girl’s clutches and shoving her in her dad’s garbage truck.

Sorry that got so dark; my mind goes to some weird places sometimes. That’s why I was given this tab on the O’Zone, to talk entertainment and rank movies and music, but mostly just to entertain you. The point of the O’Zone is to give you something interesting to read for all those boring moments in classes such as statistics.

You might not agree with everything I write, but I at least I hope it’s entertaining. You might be like many of the sheeple who love the ending of Toy Story 3. I respect that opinion, though.

I, like you, am a student and also work two jobs, but I hope to regularly update this tab with interesting and funny pieces throughout the year.

I’m no Shea Serrano, but I love his work. To me, Shea Serrano is Jesus and I’m just that dude who climbed the tree to see him that one time. That’s about as biblical I will get here, aside from a breakdown of the Ezekiel 25:17 scene in Pulp Fiction.

I want to make you laugh and be entertained. Like the Lord of Locust Grove, Dekota Gregory, who runs this site, I want this to be your website. If you ever have any ideas, email us at, or me directly for these goofy stories at if I’m being too much of a George R.R. Martin.

I can’t wait to start writing these pieces, it’s going to be fun for me and I hope it’s going to be fun for you. I’m getting back into WWE for you guys, so thank you. Also, I promise my articles will be much longer than this intro column. Like Roy Jones Jr., I can’t be stopped.

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