Who we are

Dekota Gregory

O’Colly Digital Sports Editor


unnamedWhat started as an idea last year in the Boone Pickens Stadium press box is real.

Our editor-in-chief, Nathan Ruiz, and I wanted to make O’Colly Sports something more. We knew we had assets we weren’t taking advantage of, and because of that, our readers suffered.

We expanded our editorial staff. We recruited more sports writers. We stayed in the newsroom until 3 a.m. to prepare the launch.

We did it for you.

The O’Zone has launched. It’s “the hottest place for sports.” That’s why if you follow us on Twitter, @theozoneonline, you’ll see a plethora of fire emojis.

But the O’Zone is more than a spot for sports. It’s the O’Colly’s new website that features a mixture of sports and entertainment, both Oklahoma State and national. O’Colly Sports provides all the information you need about OSU sports. The O’Zone will not only inform but also entertain at the same time. I want you to look forward to our content. If you don’t, tell me what you want. The email is at the bottom of this column.

I plan to have it all: fantasy football advice, professional sports blogs and OSU updates. But that’s only the usual stuff. The O’Zone will feature a Pokémon Go tab that began with a story comparing Pokémon to OSU football players. I spent hours researching Pokémon then compared them to your favorite OSU players. I hope you have as much fun reading our content as we do making it.

Because I want you to have fun, I called on our design editor, Jordan Bishop. Every week, Bishop will bring you “Bishop’s Babbles.” It could end up being your favorite source for entertainment. We enjoy Bishop’s knowledge in the newsroom every day; now, so can you.

Also, for the first time, the O’Zone will cover club sports for students. We get emails every semester requesting coverage of club sports; now you have it. Thanks to a staff of more than 30 writers, club sports such as rugby and quidditch will have reporters on their sidelines like OSU football and soccer. If your respective sport doesn’t get coverage, let us know, and the O’Zone will send a reporter.

This is what the O’Zone has now, but we’ll continue to generate ideas through the semester and beyond. Maybe we’ll add some ideas from our readers. Like I said, the O’Zone is for you.

Do yourself a favor while you sit in class on your phone. Search theozoneonline.com. Scroll through the front page until you spot something that sparks your interest; I bet it won’t take long. Look on the menu for your favorite topic and read up. Take a look at our fantasy football advice before your draft. Follow us on Twitter so you’re updated on everything we do. Give us feedback. Enjoy.

We took advantage of our resources to create the O’Zone. Now, you can take advantage of it, too.



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